Therefore [adverb]

Definition of Therefore:

as a result; for that reason

Synonyms of Therefore:

Opposite/Antonyms of Therefore:


Sentence/Example of Therefore:

The searchers, therefore, were directed to beat up the near-by country.

More than a bare recital of the wretched facts, therefore, is not seemly.

As a foil to his austerity, therefore, she would be audaciously gay in his presence.

Nevertheless, I have many things to thank him for, and therefore he deserves praise.

From that time, therefore, Captain Rushton was known as Mr. Smith.

We therefore camped for the night, with beautiful feed for the horses.

A God-in-Chief was therefore created, like the commanding general of an army.

Therefore I was obliged to turn back, as our horses were done up.

On the 14th, therefore, we started, carrying with us about thirty gallons of water.

Mesopotamia, therefore, meant a stretch of land "between the rivers."