Thereon [adverb]

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Sentence/Example of Thereon:

And Gilberte thereon seized the opportunity to mention Father Fouchard's case.

Thereon I told the King without reserve all that had happened.

Thereon Drepanum receives me in its haven and joyless border.

Thereon one of them nodded and made room for him, and he passed in, which Tua noted also.

Thereon the great officers of Pharaoh took him and led him forth.

Thereon I told the king without reserve all that had happened.

Thereon they struck up an air which they had often sung on board ship.

He will understand that reason, and I will have his 'honour' thereon.

“But he did refer him unto our judgment by asking me thereon,” said Isoult.

Thereon, I perceived that my critics had not read them either.