Thereupon [adverb]

Definition of Thereupon:

at which point

Synonyms of Thereupon:

Opposite/Antonyms of Thereupon:


Sentence/Example of Thereupon:

Thereupon hostilities were resumed with vigour on both sides.

And thereupon she sat according to direction; while Peter sat opposite her.

Thereupon, I begged of her to look for them, which she promised to do.

Thereupon the woman withdrew and left him to look at the room.

He thereupon kissed Madame Gurard's hand, and she coloured slightly.

Thereupon he reined his horse backward through the thickest of the crowd.

Thereupon, at the idea that he might be of use to her, he was pleased that he had come and was there.

And she thereupon asked Gerard how she was to execute this commission.

And thereupon he obligingly placed himself at Pierre's disposal.

Thereupon he politely apologised for his inability to answer them.