Thermic [adjective]

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The irritation may be by mechanical, chemical, or thermic agencies.

There is indeed a resemblance to thermic fever as regards certain important symptoms.

In fact, no one had continued the trials of an elongated balloon driven by a thermic motor begun by Henry Giffard.

Chromatic sensitiveness to this author is only a special case of thermic sensitiveness limited to the retina.

As to the Thermic Sense, I use a set of little metal bowls, which are filled with water at different degrees of temperature.

Thermic applications, general and local, may safely be affirmed to be the true physiological heart tonic.

The Mantis has outstripped humanity in her knowledge of thermic nonconductors or insulators.

Graduated exercises for the thermic sense may also have their place here, as has been explained in my book on the “Method.”

My thermic inductor transformers melted last week and I'm all in the air.

He arranged a thick slab of plate glass between Thornton and the thermic transformer, and stepping to the wall closed a switch.