Thermos [noun]

Definition of Thermos:

insulated bottle

Synonyms of Thermos:

Opposite/Antonyms of Thermos:


Sentence/Example of Thermos:

In their places, suddenly, there were the thermos and the binoculars.

The day of that blessed comfort of the trail, the thermos flask, was not yet.

So she gets out the sandwiches and the thermos bottle and we take it that way.

They filled the thermos bottle that had so puzzled Tom, and then sallied forth.

They had a thermos bottle of cold tea which they referred to as “rum.”

There was first of all a thermos bottle filled with hot tea.

Going to the stern he obtained his thermos bottle, uncorked it and drank.

Bob unpacked the sandwiches and the thermos bottle of hot chocolate.

The maid had set the thermos bottle before the door at ten-thirty.

Stein, already awake, came up with a thermos of coffee and a snack.