Thesaurus [noun]

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dictionary of synonyms and antonyms

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Sentence/Example of Thesaurus:

Most of these (along with Tatian), are to be found in Schilter's Thesaurus.

And now Pabo distinctly remembered that the Thesaurus was not far beyond it.

You couldn't trust this Swede as far as you could throw a thesaurus by the tail.

Then I wrote at the top of the paper, 'Thesaurus for the Ennuied.'

First of all his age is thirty-six, and he is the editor of The Thesaurus.

A thesaurus will brighten up a reporter's adjectival vocabulary.

Get my Thesaurus, Stony, off the desk in the next room, and turn to 'beauty.'

Though the Thesaurus is now superseded, its merits must not be forgotten.

"Here, take the Thesaurus," he said, as I hesitated for the word.

Let us look at the first group, taken from Roget's Thesaurus.