These [adjective]

Definition of These:

the indicated

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Sentence/Example of These:

Quite a part of the game, believe me!these sort of things are only toys for children.

Sir Knight, wouldst know thy lady's name?These pin-pricks tell from whence I came.

Higher still were a dark belt of stunted firs and the sandstone ledge, and above these-home.

They cuddn'-ta-helptit-with-all-these-socean steamers-going-over-there every-day.

If the governor was a Duke of Devonshire, all these-caprices might be pardonable; but my theory is, roast-beef before roses.

And what, then, are these nations-these epochs of humanity-but waves rising and breaking on the great sea of eternity?

Jewels!These must be jewels peering in the grass.Cloven from helms, or on them: dead men's eyesScarce shine so bright.

Side by side with Roosevelt's men they fought-these black men.

He has a certain odor of immateriality, a mere shadow of intellect, because he stands upon the confine between these-474- regions.

Th-these men be not w-warriors, but tillers of the soil; peaceable folk.