Thickening [verb]

Definition of Thickening:

set; make more dense

Synonyms of Thickening:

Opposite/Antonyms of Thickening:

Sentence/Example of Thickening:

Now she was squaring and thickening and looking horrid, like Mr. Hancock.

All at once I became aware that the light was thickening, and that I was very hungry.

"The mist is thickening," rejoined the woman's voice, sadness in its tone.

Strain off the liquor; put into it a bit of thickening and some butter.

But come, thou'lt weary of this thickening air, Let us depart.

Make the soup hot, and stir in a thickening made of the flour.

Then add to it a thickening of flour, using one ounce of flour to every pint of stock.

Then make a thickening of the flour and stir it in, letting it boil well.

This is a disease like a thickening of the skin until the vital organs are destroyed.

They interrupted the stream of residences that was thickening up towards Hilton.