Thicket [noun]

Definition of Thicket:

dense growth of small trees or bushes

Synonyms of Thicket:

Opposite/Antonyms of Thicket:


Sentence/Example of Thicket:

We camped in a thicket, without water, on a small patch of feed.

It rose with terrible distinctness from the thicket close before us.

They leaped from their horses and plunged straightway into the thicket after Robin.

The thicket, before so formidable, amounted to nothing at all.

There was a thicket of holly and underwood, as dense as a jungle, close about the door.

He was passing a thicket that skirted the road, when a cautious "Hist!"

In vain he explored every thicket, and surveyed all the paths of the forest.

Why should they not dash across that field and vanish in the thicket?

It was evident that the Prussians had no inclination to beat up the thicket.

I have seen her running on all fours in a thicket near La Palud.'