Thicknesses [noun]

Definition of Thicknesses:

as a quality

Synonyms of Thicknesses:

Opposite/Antonyms of Thicknesses:

Sentence/Example of Thicknesses:

None of us had changed positions, so much as a leaf's thickness.

Bake it in a brisk oven an hour or more according to its thickness.

Bake it about an hour, more or less, according to its thickness.

They are nine feet in thickness, and are still in many places twenty feet high.

A thickness of speech was accounted for by the absence of teeth.

Walls and floor are both solid stone, which might be solid rock for the thickness.

Allow half an inch inside of the deck line for the thickness of the sides.

Roll it out to about three-quarters of an inch in thickness.

Sheet brass with a thickness of 1/32 inch is very suitable for this purpose.

Roll out the paste in an oval shape to a quarter of an inch in thickness.