Thickset [adjective]

Definition of Thickset:


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Sentence/Example of Thickset:

He was considerably under the average height, but thickset and strong.

By his side was a short, thickset man with dark, sallow features.

Rao Khan was a short, thickset man, with a round, smooth face.

But they did not see him just at first because of his short, thickset stature.

The thickset, young man remuttered the period that they were there for the stuff.

He was a man of middle age or upwards, of middle height, and thickset.

The lieutenant was very short, thickset, deep-chested, and powerful.

He was a short, thickset man with a German cast of countenance.

Men who were tall and slender, and men who were short and thickset.

She was short for her age—fourteen years—but thickset, with powerful limbs.