Thieved [verb]

Definition of Thieved:


Synonyms of Thieved:







Rip off

Opposite/Antonyms of Thieved:

Sentence/Example of Thieved:

There will be fences about the fields, and no Indians to thieve and kill.

Let them know,' she said grandly, 'what awaits those who skulk and those who thieve.

The leaders will thieve and collaborate with organized crime.

They break into the wells as rats do into granaries, and thieve the water.

Only they shall not starve, they shall not thieve, they shall not be sweated.

At the Bagne, you were in a good school for learning how to thieve?

Most of them thieve when they have an opportunity, and this you will have to guard against.

I tell you again, I shrank from the horror of hearing you lie, after the horror of seeing you thieve.

I never did such a thing as thieve, Sir, if you'll believe me.

But what of a man who will take a gift with one hand and thieve with the other?