Thieves [noun]

Definition of Thieves:

person who steals

Opposite/Antonyms of Thieves:



Sentence/Example of Thieves:

He also is the chief of the police force and catches the thieves.

He would not have been embarrassed if they had been the Forty Thieves.

I do not hold diplomatic relations with thieves and vagabonds.

Their thieves are the most daring and their agents the most cunning.

They are thieves—they will steal from you before your very face, so devoid are they of all shame.

Yes, the thieves themselves were sure to be with him in his present work.

See that all doors are barred so that we may sleep without fear of Spanish thieves.

The man who pitied me spoke, so far as I was concerned, the language of thieves.

He then questioned him concerning his forgiveness of the thieves.

I had become so rich in hopes for the future that I was afraid of thieves.