Thinkable [adjective]

Definition of Thinkable:

believable, feasible

Synonyms of Thinkable:

Opposite/Antonyms of Thinkable:

Sentence/Example of Thinkable:

In fact, every thinkable way of serving fish is herein described.

Or, as the law says, how can we think on what is not thinkable?

Nonentities are not perceivable, and therefore not thinkable.

Nothing is either known to us or thinkable by us except will and idea.

And while that is lacking my life with you is not thinkable.

He and Wilkinson were united too deeply in the adventure for that to be thinkable.

It is sufficient for him to know that his creations are thinkable.

It is not thinkable, and yet the like of it happened to xis in Seville from our manager.

It is as if the question was an impossible one, outside the range of thinkable things.

Only the knowable can be the object of knowledge, only the thinkable the object of thought.