Thinned [verb]

Definition of Thinned:

make diluted or less dense

Synonyms of Thinned:

Opposite/Antonyms of Thinned:

Sentence/Example of Thinned:

The darkness, of which so much had just turned into water, had thinned down a little.

This is then boiled for a few minutes, and thinned down as required.

Already one call had thinned the county of the younger and unmarried men.

A landscape of flat wastes, of thinned and burned and uprooted trees.

The plants are thinned to a stand of three inches in the rows.

The ranks were thinned by the wounded who had fallen and been carried off the field.

Thinned with water, it is a much used ingredient in Italian recipes.

The woods were all thinned out, logs lying in every direction.

Our thinned company hinted that the rolling had other consequences.

The blood, she felt, should be thinned after a winter of sausages and rich cocoa.