Thinning [verb]

Definition of Thinning:

make diluted or less dense

Synonyms of Thinning:

Opposite/Antonyms of Thinning:

Sentence/Example of Thinning:

She had a faded, washed-out look, and her hair was thinning out.

“They are there,” said I, surveying from my vantage-ground the thinning ranks.

The timber was being neglected, there was no thinning and no planting.

Pruning a tree is a way of thinning the fruit and a good one.

The bank deposits were thinning, and the vein was thinning with it.

I can only opine that my blood is not thinning with the desired celerity.

Whether the pruning has been good; the thinning; the spraying.

There was no exterminating them—no thinning them—no escaping from them by night or by day.

The East was winning on the West in heaven, and the dusk was thinning.

"I'd have been on their side," Alice said, thinning her lips.