Third [adjective]

Definition of Third:

after second

Synonyms of Third:

Opposite/Antonyms of Third:


Sentence/Example of Third:

A second and a third time the Ethiopian touched him with his wand, and spoke in whispers.

And the third time I said, 'Behold the winged separates from that which hath no wings.'

He little knew how narrow an escape he had had of losing a third!

Then they wait for a third service, and after that start out home again.

In the hands of nearly every third person was a printed paper.

It seemed to come from the direction of Malbone's room, which was in the third story.

And to-day we have three novelists of the third class, good, capable craftsmen.

The immense majority of us prefer a God at second or third hand.

I do not deny that a second or third hand knowledge of God may do something.

"And so belabored as to be scarce able to crawl along it," cried a third.