Thirsting [adjective]

Definition of Thirsting:


Opposite/Antonyms of Thirsting:

Sentence/Example of Thirsting:

I know you will, when I tell you that I have been hungering and thirsting all day for the sound of your voice.

She was thirsting for help, for help that she could understand.

What could the unfortunate exiles, thirsting for peace and rest, do but accept these conditions?

A thirsting for sweet wells of which one has heard in a dream.

All this was very trying to the newly-married man, who was thirsting for sympathy.

And even to these regions the ferocious Iroquois pursued them, thirsting for blood and scalps.

These thoughts rankled in his soul, and he was thirsting for revenge.

My heart, a traveller into a thousand Lands, thirsting for one country, which is love!

Surely this is "hungering and thirsting after righteousness."

Germany, notwithstanding all her successes, is thirsting for peace.