This [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of This:

Rodney is thoroughly and comfortably this-worldly; Michael is—other-worldly!

What has made thy heart so sore as to come and cry a-this-ons?

For marriage is like life in this-that it is a field of battle, and not a bed of roses.

Waal, we're ergwine ter nail up thet door ternight an' quit this-hyar place.

"I reckon Newty's got a license ter dwell in this-hyar house," she belligerently asserted.

Naturally, we spend much of our time telling over this-and-that of our adventures.

What an odd thing for you to do!this, with a laugh;I havent read it,Ive so little timeI must ask for it at the library.

Was it indeed my wife?this frozen statue of a woman, watching her own impassive image thus intently?

I've heard of men's saving their lives this-a-way, and I've know'd them that would prefar death to such a sort of captivity.

No more “never-agains” and “just-this-onces,” if you please!