Thoroughfares [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Thoroughfares:

The path was wider and more worn now--almost a thoroughfare, in fact.

Quickly her glance returned to his face; his gaze was bent down the thoroughfare.

Hitch Pegasus to a family cart and he can't go off the thoroughfare.

It would entirely change the thoroughfare of the world's commerce.

It turned their hopes and aspirations in a way which was really "no thoroughfare."

That lake that was no lake offered about as good a thoroughfare as rats get in a rain-barrel.

There must be some thoroughfare to firm ground and clear vision.

To his consternation, the van turned off the thoroughfare and headed in his direction.

At length the thoroughfare was cleared and the Count's vehicle could proceed.

Would not that very much depend upon its being in a thoroughfare?