Those [adjective]

Definition of Those:

the indicated

Synonyms of Those:

Opposite/Antonyms of Those:


Sentence/Example of Those:

Those less than the very best frankly esteem it a privilege.

Do you mean that my father was mixed up like those old Indians?

There are quiet and very decent places for those of us that must.

Here we see but a few of the last links, and those imperfectly.

Yes—I'm hungry for both, and some of those funny little cakes.

Those who were initiated were supposed to be peculiarly under the protection of the gods.

Just think of all those poor babies when the weather gets hot.

Phœbus protect me, but this is an awful place to speak of those who sleep.

Those Westerners perform quite in that manner, I assure you.

"Those who know me don't generally doubt my word," said Robert, coldly.