Thoughtfully [adverb]

Definition of Thoughtfully:

with compassion

Opposite/Antonyms of Thoughtfully:

Sentence/Example of Thoughtfully:

"Perhaps it is as you say," said Captain Haley, thoughtfully.

Dirk surveyed her thoughtfully; he seemed to have no answer ready.

"I'll have to try a different game with her," he said, thoughtfully.

Timmins thoughtfully scratched his head ere he came back to the charge.

"Not likely since he's been recognized," said Warner, thoughtfully.

"I am so anxious about her," resumed Mrs. Leslie, thoughtfully.

"I think we should have regular market reports," she announced, thoughtfully.

"Sentiment hardly describes the case," said Cornish, thoughtfully.

"I'm sure he's a good boy," Mrs. Adams returned, thoughtfully.

"I didn't mean for him," her mother explained, thoughtfully.