Thoughtfulness [noun]

Definition of Thoughtfulness:


Synonyms of Thoughtfulness:

Opposite/Antonyms of Thoughtfulness:

Sentence/Example of Thoughtfulness:

"Some of us ought to tell Reddy of Jessica's thoughtfulness," teased Anne.

Already, he had carelessly dropped the thoughtfulness by which he had won her.

"I see," I said; and let myself drift away from her into thoughtfulness.

"I see," he said, and seemed to need a moment or two of thoughtfulness.

What she would before have lacked, was discipline and thoughtfulness.

In his kindness and thoughtfulness for both men and animals, Jimmie is an ideal boy.

Pleased by her thoughtfulness, he proposed that they should do them together.

In the home there is unselfishness, thoughtfulness, and love expressed.

In the first glow of thoughtfulness my thoughts turn instantly to you.

And I want to thank you for your thoughtfulness in coming to me.