Thoughtlessly [adverb]

Definition of Thoughtlessly:

gently, effortlessly

Opposite/Antonyms of Thoughtlessly:

Sentence/Example of Thoughtlessly:

Why must marriage not be entered upon hastily or thoughtlessly?

Enoch had explained the reason for this silence to me, and I thoughtlessly blurted it out.

We do not say this thoughtlessly; the words are a grief to write.

So long as he had it he used it lavishly, thoughtlessly, very often generously.

Then, thoughtlessly, I added: “And what are you doing, Mr. B-?”

You should not have touched so thoughtlessly that “brass inkstand,” as you call it.

Thoughtlessly, blindly, Nick suddenly flung an arm about her, kissed her.

When he enters the house his clothes must not be thoughtlessly thrown about.

Thoughtlessly, without remembering her interdiction, I turned the knob.

It was foolish of me,” replied Emma, “and it was said thoughtlessly.