Thoughts [noun]

Definition of Thoughts:

formation of mental objects

Opposite/Antonyms of Thoughts:

Sentence/Example of Thoughts:

With these thoughts was mingled deep pity for the pure-minded and excellent Philæmon.

Another subject attracted her attention and occupied some share of her thoughts.

Philothea had listened so earnestly, that for a moment all other thoughts were expelled from her mind.

Thoughts of crossing the stream by swimming occurred to him.

"I wish it would," she said, gently, and then went on with her own thoughts while he was silent.

The thoughts of the men of that day were as practical as their sentiments were patriotic.

Young Andrew Lanning lived in the small, hushed world of his own thoughts.

But the steeple stands foremost, in our thoughts, as well as locally.

Libertine as he is, can have no thoughts of any other woman but Clarissa.

But what if the thoughts themselves be of a kind hard to put into shape?