Thrash [verb]

Definition of Thrash:

flail about; beat

Synonyms of Thrash:

Opposite/Antonyms of Thrash:

Sentence/Example of Thrash:

But I'm goin' to thrash this Yank within an inch of his life; see if I don't.

“And after that we can thrash Zeke and Lem with a good heart,” suggested Tom.

Did you give him over to the police, or thrash him soundly with your stick?

Thrash that girl as if she were a bay boy, for she richly deserves it!

Now it was a place I came to when I had a problem to thrash out.

Any more of their nonsense and she would thrash them, thrash them both, by God!

I'll thrash you till you won't see out of your blasted eyes for a month!

If we had to fight for the right to live in this cabin, how many do you think we could thrash?

I suppose that you have a lot of things to thrash out, so you may as well start now.

Does it not hurt your Yankee pride that we thrash you so confoundedly?