Thrashing [noun]

Definition of Thrashing:


Synonyms of Thrashing:

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Sentence/Example of Thrashing:

Perhaps never in his twenty-two years had young Drummond been so near a thrashing.

This he jerked up and down to make ready for his task of thrashing "the pigmy."

And all the better, I dare say, for the thrashing he got when a youngster, from the Vermont tailor.

They had had to take a thrashing, but that was no reason why a man should not fill his stomach.

From somewhere in the grove came a thrashing of branches and a frightened neigh.

But unless you want a thrashing in the presence of a lady, you'll do nothing foolish.

But was the man received in society after the thrashing I gave him?

Scoundrel, draw your sword, unless you want me to give you a thrashing!

It was bad for the children; they got unruly; and yesterday he actually had to give Gustav a thrashing.

And thrashing noises a little later might have been anything.