Threadbare [adjective]

Definition of Threadbare:

worn, frayed

Synonyms of Threadbare:

Opposite/Antonyms of Threadbare:




Sentence/Example of Threadbare:

It's a very good word, too, but sometimes I fear she will wear it threadbare.

When at length she felt a welcome jar and lurch her patience was threadbare.

He weighed the stories he had heard from Shaky, and picked them threadbare.

His sentiments were, no better known in Boston than his threadbare clothes.

She pressed the cat to her threadbare bosom with a breathless exclamation.

Simple, threadbare phrases, yet she had once thought him brilliant.

Paddy would come in shivering and shaking in his threadbare coat.

Once these terms were strange and new; now they are old and threadbare.

Owen had, however, to wear his threadbare jacket for some days longer.

He liked to be clean, but he preferred, as it were, to be threadbare.