Threaded [verb]

Definition of Threaded:

fasten, intertwine

Synonyms of Threaded:

Opposite/Antonyms of Threaded:

Sentence/Example of Threaded:

"There's nothing noble about it at all," she said as she threaded her needle.

They threaded the last winding channel and came out into the bay.

The separators are the standard Willard "Threaded Rubber" separators.

For an hour they threaded their way through the endless maze of 177 trees.

He threaded his way through the crowd and back to the smithy.

We threaded the crowd, and in a few minutes we stood before the two ladies.

My whole life is threaded by one thought—the thought of him.

They threaded their way through the graves, stumbling over them here and there.

The hole was then drilled and threaded with a standard thread.

She threaded a needle and started to replace bad sewing with good.