Threats [noun]

Definition of Threats:

warning; danger

Synonyms of Threats:

Opposite/Antonyms of Threats:

Sentence/Example of Threats:

Then the Athenians showed that their threats had not been idly uttered.

Threats of instant dismissal did not stop the practice when nobody was looking on.

But I can't understand why I'm allowed to, after all the threats and punishments.

Could he not now exact by threats the favors which she had not been willing to grant him for love?

Why should Marcolina, accountable to no one but herself, be concerned at his threats?

Their threats of the day before were remembered now, with convincing vividness.

In vain she confessed that her threats were only to frighten me into being a good boy.

It is unnecessary to say that Johnston's threats were not seriously meant.

Threats against "scabs" were shouted out, the word "scab" arose on every side.

Their threats extended to their lives and all they possessed.