Thresh [verb]

Definition of Thresh:


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Sentence/Example of Thresh:

But fortunately he came up on the surface to thresh about some more.

The Moujik began to thresh: from every sheaf he got a peck of grain.

All his optimism failed to thresh a grain of hope from the chaff of his postulations.

He fell with a great roar, and began to thresh about in the bushes.

Be sensible; stack what you can, but don't wait to thresh or grind.

He has sown, but he has also to reap; and if reaping is done, he has to thresh and to winnow.

His wheel is not to grind, but to thresh; the horses' feet are not to break, but to separate.

The two of you will have to thresh it out between yourselves.

Overhead could be distinctly heard the thresh of the vessel's propellers.

Some of them thresh, clean, and sack the wheat as fast as it is cut and bound.