Threw [verb]

Definition of Threw:

propel something through the air

Synonyms of Threw:

Opposite/Antonyms of Threw:

Sentence/Example of Threw:

With a faint shriek, Eudora sprung forward, and threw herself at his feet.

He threw himself against the rock and pushed with all the strength he could command.

She threw herself on the wide divan, and he fixed pillows under her head.

I threw off all reserve--about half a pound, I should judge.

He would not look at it, and when I threw it close to him he dashed it away as if it was poison.

I could hold no longer; but threw myself at her feet: O my dearest Mamma!

He threw the helmet with a clatter on to the table as if it had been the knave's canting head.

Running to the door she threw it open and listened intently.

And Jud, shouting with delight and relief, threw his arms around the neck of the horse.

Hester threw herself on her knees, and buried her face in her mother's lap.