Thrilling [adjective]

Definition of Thrilling:


Opposite/Antonyms of Thrilling:

Sentence/Example of Thrilling:

There was a thrilling silence, as the waters closed over his body.

Andrew, thrilling with horror, recognized one as a sawed-off shotgun.

He had been relating a thrilling adventure with a man-eating tiger.

And there came to me a thrilling confidence that he understood.

In 'The Christian Martyrs' we have a striking, thrilling and ennobling picture.

Dick understood the situation, which was both critical and thrilling.

I am now giving an imitation of yourself in your thrilling drama, "All at Sea."

He was thrilling and exulting in ways new to him and greater to him than any he had known before.

This adventure, to my surprise, had been one of the most thrilling of all.

Thrilling to the lust of battle, the two Americans emerged into an open square.