Thrived [verb]

Definition of Thrived:

do well

Synonyms of Thrived:

Opposite/Antonyms of Thrived:

Sentence/Example of Thrived:

It was thus for Angelique an atmosphere of affection and love, in which she grew and thrived.

And how it thrived and grew, and waxed in strength and beauty!

Others had thrived as well, much to the delight of their owners.

The boy grew and thrived and became every day larger and stronger.

Lena liked her dill pickle and her banana; and she thrived on them.

He has thrived in Utah, however, and is much thought of by the Church.

Then how have I lived and thrived all these years in the glare and blare of publicity?

It grew with him and thrived upon the thoughts that fostered it.

They thrived and grew apace, and his first crop was eight bushels.

My wisdom was needed to see to it that Baby Paul grew and thrived.