Throaty [adjective]

Definition of Throaty:

pertaining to the throat

Synonyms of Throaty:

Opposite/Antonyms of Throaty:


Sentence/Example of Throaty:

At last, he licked his dry lips, and his voice broke in a throaty whisper.

Mr Verloc intimated in a throaty, veiled murmur that he was no longer young.

His voice had the heavy, throaty rasp characteristic of the Martian.

She laughed again, a different sort of old laugh, a fat and throaty one.

He flung his head back and laughed his throaty affected cackle of anger.

She laughed; a laugh that died and was reborn and died again in a throaty gurgle.

"Awful," echoed Schomberg, in a Teutonic throaty tone of despair.

"Thou wilt know me another time," said the man with a throaty laugh.

Soon after this the cone was swung into the air and "Wilbur's" throaty whisper was heard.

He's so excited that he's almost speechless and all he can get out is a throaty gurgle.