Throbbed [verb]

Definition of Throbbed:

pulsate, beat

Synonyms of Throbbed:

Opposite/Antonyms of Throbbed:


Sentence/Example of Throbbed:

He put his hands up to his head, as if it throbbed or pained him.

At this point her hull had throbbed with air, movement, life; at this point all had been well.

But where were they whose beating hearts had throbbed with deep devotion?

The affair had by now throbbed itself into a question of her physical ease.

His brain, inflamed and racked by the strain, throbbed in his head.

But the lapse of time was naught to her, nor the fever that throbbed in her head.

It throbbed in his temples, ached to the ends of his toes, set his body aflame with it.

It throbbed with consciousness, with mysterious fibres of communication.

He spent a late hour with Mrs. Alsager, an hour that throbbed with calculation.

But I loved her; every pulse in me throbbed love and longing at her approach.