Thrombi [noun]

Definition of Thrombi:

mass of thickened blood

Synonyms of Thrombi:

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Sentence/Example of Thrombi:

The coagulum, which is usually fibrinous, is known as a thrombus.

It is probable that in most of these cases the thrombus was secondary to the ulcer.

The thrombus stirred and came free, rushing toward Kemmer's heart.

The softening of the thrombus, on the contrary, is always a source of danger.

Sometimes the thrombus may be traced back to the placental site.

The same effect may be produced by the plugging of a vessel with a thrombus.

In most cases this results in the formation of a thrombus which occludes the vessel.

Should the thrombus be on the carotid arteries, hemiplegia may result from cerebral embolism.

When this artery is blocked close to its origin by an embolus or thrombus, total aphasia results.

Chronic endarteritis is fruitful in the production of thrombus and atheroma.