Throwbacks [noun]

Definition of Throwbacks:

inheritance, heritage

Synonyms of Throwbacks:

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Sentence/Example of Throwbacks:

Mr. Mix gave her a look which was a throwback to his cave-man ancestry.

This is a throwback to an earlier age when the modern state was not yet invented.

Can't you see that he is a throwback, lost in this world of science and machines?

He was an anachronism in our midst, a throwback to our early forebears.

A throwback to an era ten thousand years in the past, and therefore, as the textbooks say, prone to mental instability.

It was, true to form, a throwback, similar safety devices having proven unsuccessful much earlier.

It is a throwback to earlier days of colonialism and mercantilism and it is laden with historical memories and sensitivities.

It is perhaps something of a throwback to be forced to the recognition of that prodigious figure as it really was.

Explosion of the depth charges, rather than that of the torpedo outward or in throwback, supposedly effected this.

The third dog of the team was Slasher, a gaunt, untamed malamute, red-eyed and vicious—a throwback to the wolf.