Throwing [verb]

Definition of Throwing:

propel something through the air

Synonyms of Throwing:

Opposite/Antonyms of Throwing:

Sentence/Example of Throwing:

And throwing himself on the grass, he hid his face against the dog and sobbed.

Sidney had lighted the gas and was throwing on her dressing-gown.

(rising angrily, and throwing the pillows after Toinette, who runs away).

Then we splintered the hot stone by throwing water on it, and dug out the splinters.

He ran the length of it, then back to his room, and throwing down his hat, he lit his pipe.

The white man, too, dropped to the ground, throwing his rifle forward.

Throwing my cloak down, I placed the girl on it and briefly related what had happened.

The boy was next attacked-with threats of throwing him overboard.

Throwing my slate on deck in a high passion, I left the ship and went ashore.

I could not maintain the same calm in throwing off my hat and coat, and was vexed with myself for it.