Thrummed [verb]

Definition of Thrummed:

quiver, beat

Synonyms of Thrummed:

Opposite/Antonyms of Thrummed:


Sentence/Example of Thrummed:

He twisted the screws and thrummed the strings in a very wise manner.

The squire emptied his glass, and Sir William thrummed on the table.

He sounded and thrummed his roguish fling-off for the capers.

Acatlan thrummed her pretty mouth with her fingers, and thought awhile.

Gods life, I was neer so thrummed since I was a gentleman: my coxcomb was dry beaten, as if my hair had been hemp.

Up in their high emplacements, the big ballistas creaked and thrummed.

Here he paused, and thrummed on the book in time to the tune.

Hugh slipped the cord around his neck, tuned the guitar, and then thrummed a few opening chords.

On my word, it will serve him; shes as big as he is: and theres her thrummed hat, and her muffler too.

So now she brought her work out to the garden, and sewed busily while Jo Vanny sang and thrummed.