Thrumming [verb]

Definition of Thrumming:

quiver, beat

Synonyms of Thrumming:

Opposite/Antonyms of Thrumming:


Sentence/Example of Thrumming:

There was a thrumming all about him, and he heard a low keening of wind.

Mr. Coxon had wandered to the window again, and was thrumming on the panes.

"Here goes, then," said Mr. Mizzen, thrumming on the guitar.

There was a sudden, deeper note in the thrumming roar of the great ship.

Well, if it helped her, let her keep it thrumming on all night!

After a time a dull, thrumming sound attracted his attention.

When the door was opened, distant sounds of the thrumming of banjoes could be heard.

The thrumming of a powerful automobile could be heard through the patter of the rain.

There was now heard the thrumming of more motors approaching.

They'll be only the lovelier against the thrumming of crickets in the stubble on an autumn day.