Thruway [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Thruway:

The thruway went on to Los Angeles in its western segment, not shown on the map.

In the distance, the night sky glowed with the lights of Chambersburg, north of the thruway.

Kelly sighed and stared out into the light streaked night of the thruway.

Ten bands of color—each five separated by a narrow clear strip, detailed the thruway.

And as far as thruway traffic control and authority was concerned, state and national boundaries actually didn't exist.

Then they hit the thruway—nine of them packed into the jalopy—the oldest one just seventeen years old.

The fewer passenger cars on the thruway and the increase in cargo carriers gave the troopers a breathing spell.

In the cab, Clay peered through the now almost-blinding blizzard that whirled and skirled thick snow across the thruway.

The white and green car was still riding on its airpad when it hit the low, rounded curbing at the edge of the thruway.