Thugs [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Thugs:

Ned buzzed by, picked up two of the thugs, and hauled them off to the cells.

I have to browbeat, bribe, blackmail and bulldoze you thugs into doing a simple job.

The thugs lay in wait for the men with pokes from the "inside."

Murdoch remained outside, and one of the thugs reached for him.

This place had formerly been noted for the thieves and thugs that infested it.

His reading had not told him that no maimed persons could be offered to the goddess of the Thugs.

This comes of overdoing the suppression of the Thugs; they had their merits.

The Thugs themselves seem to have been the only people who moved in force.

The Thugs were harried and hunted from one end of India to the other.

And yet one of these people is a Thug and the other a mother of Thugs!