Thunderclap [noun]

Definition of Thunderclap:

loud hitting noise

Synonyms of Thunderclap:

Opposite/Antonyms of Thunderclap:



Sentence/Example of Thunderclap:

You may easily guess what a thunderclap this must have been to the Court.

The affray had burst over the slumbering town like a thunderclap.

But to my mother it was a flash of joy, followed by a thunderclap of consternation.

The thunderclap which seemed to come simultaneously, rocked the plane like a feather.

Captain Candage turned on his mate with the violence of a thunderclap.

Hallucinations do not come thus, like a thunderclap on unprepared minds.

Their coming naturally had the effect of a thunderclap on the village.

There was a thunderclap, and in a moment four of them were killed by lightning.

Now his mother's letter had burst on him like a thunderclap.

This voice sounded like a thunderclap in the ears of the Mexicans.