Thundering [verb]

Definition of Thundering:

boom, crash

Synonyms of Thundering:

Opposite/Antonyms of Thundering:


Sentence/Example of Thundering:

Here the conversation was interrupted by a thundering knock at the door.

What's anybody's motive, who figures in this thundering dime-novel?

Even as he stormed the ticket-grating, the train was thundering in at the platform.

Her mother gave one snort, and away she went, thundering after her.

Thundering to the harbor, the Cunarder now moved slowly out.

The thundering applause that greeted me nearly overpowered all my faculties.

The capacious lung, the thundering or the tender vocal chords.

The thundering footfalls of the pursuing horse were close in the rear.

It was blue with smoke, and the thundering chorus was still unfinished.

A man who shoots at a whale with a rifle is a thundering fool!