Thunderstorms [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Thunderstorms:

Often, during a thunderstorm a tree had been hit by lightning.

At dawn the Cyclops woke, and his awakening was like a thunderstorm.

I thought it was a thunderstorm, Dering told me he heard nothing.'

"I think there is going to be a thunderstorm," said Dorothy.

Mosquitoes, it seemed to me, were never so numerous or vicious as after this thunderstorm.

It was one of those mornings in summer which portend a thunderstorm and great heat.

It was a peaceful night after the thunderstorm of the evening before.

A thunderstorm may alarm a Mozart into existence, and why not a second Chopin?

And then he had departed in a kind of thunderstorm of his own making.

Mary Hope had her picnic, with never a thunderstorm to mar the day.