Thunderstruck [adjective]

Definition of Thunderstruck:

amazed, astonished

Synonyms of Thunderstruck:

Opposite/Antonyms of Thunderstruck:


Sentence/Example of Thunderstruck:

Thunderstruck, Calendar glanced hastily in the indicated direction.

I was thunderstruck by her speech, which I guessed would prove true.

Then Guillaume shuddered as if thunderstruck, and caught hold of Pierre's hand.

The people are quiet; the true conspirators are thunderstruck.

At this new blow, Madame was thunderstruck, and stood like a statue.

At first he said nothing, but stood staring at her, thunderstruck.

For a spell I was too thunderstruck to speak, aghast at this catastrophe.

He was thunderstruck, and as it were deprived of the moral support of his whiskers.

I was thunderstruck, you may be sure, but it was too late then to interfere.

The young girl fell, thunderstruck, into the arms of Leon Renault.