Thwarted [verb]

Definition of Thwarted:

stop, hinder

Synonyms of Thwarted:

Opposite/Antonyms of Thwarted:

Sentence/Example of Thwarted:

Yet something new, inexplicable, thwarted her and changed the simplicity of her passion.

The dismay of the thwarted pickpockets may be better imagined than described.

He is a gracious nobleman, and kind of heart, save when he is thwarted or angered.

It was thwarted, however, on the 12th, to the north of Przasnysz.

She thwarted him as much as she could, and defied him as far as she dared.

Thwarted in this direction, Chellalu applied herself to bandaging.

But London thwarted her; in its atmosphere she could not concentrate.

I am not a sweet man when thwarted, yet I can admire wit and respect courage.

His thwarted desires of yesterday were the despots of his wits.

They became the abhorrence of traitors whose crimes they thwarted.