Thwarts [verb]

Definition of Thwarts:

stop, hinder

Synonyms of Thwarts:

Opposite/Antonyms of Thwarts:

Sentence/Example of Thwarts:

To his joy he found a pair of oars stowed beneath the thwarts.

On her thwarts two figures, dipping and rising, labored with the sweeps.

The thole pins were in place, and the oars laid lengthwise on its thwarts.

Peer was gripping the line firmly with one hand, the other clutching one of the thwarts.

My men dropped the oars and fell off the thwarts as if dead.

Mr. Parasyte ordered the men to take their places on the thwarts, and ship their oars.

"The thwarts: lubbers call them the seats," replied the old seaman, laughing.

Don John thwarts the marriage of Claudio by his tale of Hero's unchastity.

The boat struck the water, and its crew were on the thwarts in a moment.

All right, my lad; plenty of tackle in the boat under the thwarts.