Tiaras [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Tiaras:

It was for them the sign of princeship, as a tiara was the sign of godhead.

“I can see Carleton rather fancying himself in a tiara,” she said.

Cæsar was not in Rome at the time his father received the tiara.

Tiara now arose to go, but it was evident that there was something yet unspoken.

She also knew that if ever a man loved a woman, Ensal was in love with Tiara.

Tiara almost fell, clutching the footboard of the bed for support.

Tiara now went to the telephone in the hallway and called for a carriage.

Tiara missed Eunice, but there was a countervailing joy in her soul.

Directed by Tiara, the man drove to the edge of the crowd of besiegers.

Tiara was now at home praying that Ensal might not leave America yet awhile.